Pest Control

Pests maintain a natural balance in the ecosystem with their existence. They may be able to live and thrive almost anywhere but that does not mean they have to do so in your home or office. Pest control is the process of removing or stopping the spread of pests in a given area such as your home or office. There are various ways in which pest control can be actualised to ensure that pests do not become a menace to your residential or commercial property. These methods include:

Termite inspections

Termite inspections should be undertaken routinely so that you are able to ensure that your property is not infested with termites which can cause a lot of harm. Termites have the ability to migrate into a large area very quickly and therefore routine checkups can be done to avoid this. If a termite inspection determines that there are termites on your property, the best way to solve this issue is to use pest control methods which are not harmful to the environment. Termites are usually controlled by using poison gels on their nests. This method helps to reduce their population and kill large numbers because they are usually found in their nests.

Pest Control Methods

There are other pest control methods for various pests such as:

  • Fumigation can be used to get rid of spiders which reside in dark areas or commodity containers on your property.
  • Bed bugs are usually controlled to ensure they die and do not spread.
  • Flea spray is a great pest control method used in killing of fleas.
  • Wasp and bee sprays can useful in removing their nests quickly.
  • Live or pre-spray methods can be used as a pest control measure when you are trying to reduce cockroach populations on your property. This method also helps in reducing the rate of commodity losses in which cockroaches can infest and damage.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments which are used in pest control have been identified to be a great solution when dealing with bed bugs. This method is also preferred because it is safe to the consumers when in use and is environmental friendly. Heat treatment in pest control involves the heating of a bed to 50 degrees Celsius or higher. This method is can also be combined with a fumigation technique to ensure you are able to deal with all the bed bugs even as they try to escape from the heat.

Industrial Pest Treatments

Industries are also affected by pests. Pests can cause an industry to lose a lot in terms of products because of an infestation. Most industries today have come up with their own in-house pest control methods that satisfy their specific needs. They however also need the expertise of pest control professionals to ensure that all the pests issue they may have, are resolved.