4 Vital Things That Building Inspectors Look For Before You Buy A Property

Before making the decision to buy a property, you'll want to get the place checked out to ensure no expensive surprises. A building inspector looks for specific issues that may not be visible to you and will detail the condition of the property in a comprehensive manner, so that you know exactly what you're getting into. This is what they look for.

Identifies Cracks And Dampness In Walls

Sellers often find clever ways to hide large wall cracks and dampness­ – either by applying wallpaper or by re-painting the wall. This makes it very hard for common people to identify any underlying problems that may exist beneath the surface of the walls. A building inspector is trained to look for these specific problems, and will be able to tell when wall cracks or dampness could be a huge problem in the long run.

Checks Plumbing And Electrical Systems

As a layperson, you naturally don't know what to look for when it comes to plumbing and electrical systems in a property. Any faults within these systems could cost you thousands of dollars, which is why a building inspector looks to ensure they are in proper working order. For plumbing, the inspector looks for concealed leaks, poor drainage, water flow pressure and much more. For electrical, the inspector looks for faulty power points, fraying wires, loose wires and sparks.

Looks For Issues In The Garden Or Alfresco Area

If you're planning on buying a house, then the outside is just as important as the inside. Your building inspector will look for issues in the garden such as poisonous plants, pergola structures, external cables, pests and much more. While regular people often overlook this, an inspector typically looks at large trees located close to house structures to identify whether their expanding roots could end up causing structural damage to the home over time. 

Inspects Roof Condition

Many homebuyers fail to check the condition of a property's roof when inspecting it, which could be an expensive mistake. Roof replacement costs anywhere between $80 to $110 per square metre, and can go up even further depending on the type of roof material used. This could set you back thousands of dollars if you aren't careful, which is why a building inspector inspects the condition of the property's roof, including tiles and frames. Any issues are reported back to you, so that you can make the decision to go ahead with the purchase, negotiate for a lower price or pull out of the purchase entirely.

Building inspections are crucial when it comes to home buying, so make sure you get one done before you purchase a new property.