Professional Staging Tips for Attracting Tenants to Your Rental Property

Rental properties provide a reliable source of passive income and great annual tax savings to owners. However, in an already flooded market, purchasing rentals is not enough to guarantee you the income and long-term capital appreciation that comes with property investments. Tenants have so many options to choose from, and you need to make your property attractive to rent it quickly. Luckily, you don't have to break the bank to have new renters knocking at your door. Here are some proven professional staging tips that you can utilise to rent your property quickly.

Add a fresh coat of paint

The first thing that most people notice when looking for an apartment or rental home is the condition of the walls. How is the paint? Is it faded or flaky? If so, consider giving your property a fresh look by applying a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior walls. When choosing a shade, go for neutral colours such as whites, off-whites and greys. Avoid bold colours which may not blend in with most furniture pieces and décor, as this can put off your buyers.

Declutter the house

Are you renting a furnished home with furniture, appliances and décor? If so, declutter the house to give it a clean, minimalist look. Get rid of non-essential items, especially furniture and decorations. Decluttering makes the house look bigger than it is, and this will appeal to most tenants.  Also, even though people rent furnished units, they might also have some items that they'd like to have in the house. Getting rid of clutter will leave room for the new occupants to place their own decorations, appliances, and furniture.

Make minor repairs

Seemingly small mishaps in the home such as a dripping faucet or a sticky closet door can send your potential buyer to the next rental property. That is why you need to carry out minor repairs to ensure that every fixture is in good condition. Pay extra attention to the plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets and switches, doors, kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom vanities. After repairs, clean the floors, deep clean carpets, and wipe down surfaces to give the unit an appealing look that tenants will love.

Selling rental property requires more than just creating ads on social media and vetting potential tenants. Professional staging can help you get tenants fast and start enjoying the fruits of your investment. Contact a real estate expert if you need more help in attracting potential tenants to your property.