Tips to help you repair a keyed door knob

The security of the home depends a lot on the types of doors and door locks that you have installed. Since door locks are complex mechanisms and they have a lot of moving parts, getting a malfunction is common. There are certain problems which can be fixed by the homeowner. However, note that not all problems with the doorknob or another locking mechanism can be fixed at home.

When the door key stops working

The first problem which is common with keyed door locks is the key refusing to work as it should. If you have a door lock whose key gives you some serious problems before it works, it is possible that the deadbolt is not engaging properly with the strike plate. If this is the case, the strike plate could be preventing the deadbolt from moving properly. The easiest remedy for this problem is adding some grease to the lock. You may also coat the key with graphite and work it back and forth in the lock till it starts locking and unlocking properly.

When the lock is frozen

If you live in an area where the temperature gets extremely low, you understand the possibility of the door lock getting frozen altogether. You know that the lock is frozen when the key refuses to get into the keyhole altogether. When this happens, the simple solution is to heat the key and keep inserting it in the lock until it thaws all the ice frozen in the lock. There is also a commercial de-icer which is made up of lubricants and alcohol-based solvents which are very effective in melting ice and other sticky deposits from the lock.

Problems with a new key

When you have made a key for your door recently, and it will not open the lock, it may be an indication that it has a few rough spots which still need to be smoothened out. The best way to locate the parts which need to be filed off is by heating the key with a sooty candle and then turning it inside the keyhole. The parts which need filing off will have all the soot removed by the lock. File these rough areas until they are smooth.

Those are simple tips which can help you deal with minor problems with your door lock. When you have serious problems such as a key which has broken off inside the lock, you will need to consult qualified locksmiths for proper repairs. For more information on door handle designs, contact a local locksmith today!