3 Essential Steps to Take for a Stress-Free Moving Experience

"Sorry, but we cannot move that." This is the last thing you want to hear from a removalist after spending days packing loads of boxes with your belongings. Sadly, most people find themselves in such a situation when planning to move interstate. Not only is it frustrating, but it is also time-consuming because you might have to look for other means of transporting rejected belongings. This article highlights steps that you can take to ensure a stress-free interstate moving experience.

Ask What Items a Removalist Transports -- Removal companies are particular with the items they move for clients. Household belongings such as furniture, beddings, desks, utensils, and electronics are all classified as valuable, and removal companies pull all stops to ensure safety during transportation. In the event an accident occurs, the moving firm's insurance cover will take care of any damages suffered by a customer. However, you should not sneak in collectibles as part of the items you intend to move via removalists. Since removal companies don't transport collectibles, any damages on such goods are not be covered by insurance. When booking for removal services, make sure that you ask what items are permissible and which ones are not.

Read Checklist Carefully -- Most moving companies do their best to guide customers about terms and conditions through the customer service department. However, there is only so much information that the company's customer service representatives can provide. Often, you will be asked to refer to the removalist's checklist for more details. Unfortunately, some people don't take the time to read the fine print on these checklists, which are laden with excellent moving suggestions. For example, removalists expect you to empty the fuel in all machinery such as lawnmowers. Failure to read the recommendations in the checklist can lead to avoidable delays on a moving day.

Confirm Moving Dates -- Removalists assign moving dates to clients based on the availability of trucks and drivers. Therefore, if you plan to move on a particular day, it is vital to wait for confirmation from the removal company before making any major plans. Unfortunately, most people begin planning for events like moving parties before they receive date confirmation from their removalists. For example, the only available moving date might come earlier than you expected; therefore, you might be required to put off any plans you had made prior. Waiting for confirmation of moving dates will guide you in making any significant plans. 

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